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truth2tell :)

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MARCH 2007: Reviewers from said this of our CD "like iT is"

Yes, different from anything I've heard for a while, a eclectic mix of styles which makes it interesting to listen to.
 Vocal presentation reminds me a little of The Selector.
YES - excellent use of the mixing desk in the intro. Love the lyrics, which are set in a fairly original style. 
Nice instrumental section, some good wah guitar in there too.
I cant help feel that this such an appropriate song for this time in mans history. 
Well done lads , its great... Get it out there as a witness.
Yes. liked this. reminded me of the late 70's early 80's new wave movement!!.
Yes - loved this.  Great message.  Great production.  Strong, together and great vocal.

PS - these was the responses from ONE of the songs...
...can you guess which one?


A sparkling first entry, courtesy of the Bristol Diocese Three Crowns (Issue 104, January 2006)
(we miss you, guys)

A big new noise in town...
truth2tell: Not a capital letter in sight, but still a big sound

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(file size is 602kb):
With mission the key word for 2006, the diocese is lucky to have a new Bristol-based Christian rock band, truth2tell, reaching the parts that some of the more grey and wrinkly among us are unlikely to reach.
They tell us that they are preparing to raise both the roof and the profile of the Lord's name this year with their slant on high-energy rock music.
This is a band with musical styles ranging from 21st-century electronica through to progressive rock, with generous helpings of folk, heavy metal and who-knows-what thrown in. It also performs Christian standards and self-written songs.
People who have followed Christian rock music in Bristol in recent years will recognise some familiar faces in the line-up: Jakey Graupner (lead voice, guitars, mandolin), Ewan Hackett (keyboards, voice), Dave Perry (drums, percussion), Steve Nuttall (guitars, voice) and Dave Edwards (bass guitar, voice). 
They pride themselves on being both a new musical force and a loud Christian back again singing His praise with a bunch of like-minded musicians."
Dave Perry and Jakey go back many years, playing together in Charisma, a Christian outfit brought to an end when tragedy befell one of its members in 2003.
"We're not quite rising from the ashes, but we're certainly ready to fly the flag for the Lord," says Jakey.  "We're fast, loud, and we rock God's world; It's great to be back again singing His praise with a bunch of like-minded musicians."
This autumn, truth2tell threw a launch party, during which Lisette Broadfoot of Christian Aid laid out the vision of the charity's Act Justly campaign.  More than 300 was raised.  The band's next gig is at St. Andrew's Church, Congresbury, on January 13th, but they plan to be closer to home lots in the months ahead.  you can find out more about them on their website

- Bristol's BEST Christian rock band!

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