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Here is the news....

SEPTEMBER 14th 2008
First gig of '08 - " HAS been a long time, hasn't it?"
Well, finally, truth2tell took to the boards last night, and it felt SO right to be back, praising God and ripping through some incendiary songs - both high octane and slow birners.  We played FOUR new tracks as well as every song from our first (so far...) CD, and other staples that have become firmly lodged on our setlists.

Gremlins still raised their heads in the day, but we are a Christian ministry and band, and it takes more than severely malfunctioning sound equipment to stop us!
HUGE vote of thanx AND congratulations to our 11th hour soundman Charlie Graupner, who took to the faders like a duck to water.  For that only, shame he's off to Uni....

Nice sized crowd for Dan's baptismal gig, there were many photos taken once again, and we hope that we can post some decent ones in the near future.

Next stop, Congers....

Hi Dan, bye Ewan
Ewan reluctantly calls it a day
After the first 6 months of inactivity due to too many obstacles (Jakey was ill, Dave E spends half his working life in Africa!, Steve leaving) Ewan made a brave decision to leave truth2tell and concentrate on a new direction - Christian Dance events. You may not have known this but Ewan not only is a fantastic keyboard player (if you have seen us in past years you will already know this) but also a very good DJ, and not only for weddings, birthdays and bar-mitzvahs either. He is a dance music junkie, and after much prayer and deliberation, will pursue a most different music ministry.

Ewan was the original co-founder of truth2tell with Jakey - Jakey came to him and asked if he'd like to be part of a new Christian music project that he was looking to put together.  We have had some amazing musical moments both on stage and in rehearsals, and his is a talent that will be very, but VERY hard to replace. BIG thanks and blessings to Ewan for all that he has put into the band since its inception.

So we may not even try. Currently the rest of the band are working hard on honouring a gig in Congresbury this October, and have arranged a warmup gig to let us try out the key-less arrangements on you.  It also introduces DAN to you...

Jakey has played aongside Dan Instone, in several events at what used to be Dan's school - Mangotsfield. He is a Christian, and has had an interesting musical journey with God, playing bass, ukulele, trombone and various things that he can hit.  He has performed at several Spring Harvests, and is currently learning our second set of material.  To accommodate this, Dave Edwards has put his bass down, and is our occasional (until his regular working trips to Guinea cease) rhythm guitarist.

JANUARY 13th 2008
Jakey forces postponement of next truth2tell gig
This is hard for Jakey to take - it is his first cancellation due to illness, but he is laid low with a debilitating chest condition, with no voice, racking cough and a most unhappy demeanour.

The CONGRESBURY gig will be moved to possibly the end of February, and we apologise to all those with tickets already.  
We will honour those tickets for the rearranged date

truth2tell and new stuff
After Congresbury (see "Dates" page) we will be working VERY HARD on getting our next raft of new songs recorded and available.
DECEMBER 20th 2007

truth2tell play for St Paul's, WSM
We were blessed to be invited to be the music for a new venture based in Weston-Super-Mare's happening church of St Paul's.  "The King's Table" is an invitation-only evening for those on the edges of society - the homeless, the abused, the ex-addicts - to have some fellowship, love, food, heat and prayer.  In any order they need.
It was a humbling occasion; our song "Lonely Man" doesn't even begin to touch on what these people had been through, and the testimonies we heard were examples of how deep a person can go and still come up again, to find the Lord waiting to mend their hearts and lives.

It was our last performance of the year, and our first officially as a four-piece.

Steve Nuttall has left truth2tell
It was a very hard decision both for Steve to make and for truth2tell to take. Steve has been through the mill in 2007, no details necessary.  We are advised that it is for reasons - totally unrelated to the band - that Steve has asked to leave the band with immediate effect.
The initial reaction has been shock and loss.
We will be rearranging our material, or dropping songs, to cover for this; Steve has contributed greatly to the band and his contributions - both with his guitars and his voice - are missed. Take care, thank you, and God bless, Steve.

Dave Edwards has accepted the challenge of replacing him; we need a new bass player...

OCTOBER 19th 2007
Life's a stage
. . . 
An opportunity to try out life on high (as it were), truth2tell played Soundwell again, and this time we elected to perform in the hall, on the stage.  This was an important night for Heather Hackett, who took the sound desk controls for the first time.  Will we see more in '08?  Get to Congresbury (see "Dates" page) and find out...!
New shirts in the second set, courtesy of Dave Edwards, who is spend a lot of 2007 in Africa

SEPTEMBER 29th 2007
Hurricane truth2tell hits Bristol coast . . . 
Well, what a start to our autumn!!!  truth2tell hit Portishead like a spiritual ton of bricks... many thanx to Pam for inviting us down, we had an eventful evening.
Breaking in potential sound engineers to replace Mike (more about that later), plus new equipment, AND new songs could make for a calamitous night.  However, prayer is good, and God DOES listen...
The people of Portishead and environs made the gig a sheer joy to play.  From the off there was dancing the loud stuff and listening to the messages.
HOWEVER, we want YOU to write in with your thoughts, reviews and requests.... tell us what you reckoned of the night (follow this link to email us) and we will post it up on the Reviews page . . . 

Thanx to the people of the Methodist church, we hope to see you sometime soon!  God bless.  t2txx

SEPTEMBER 4th 2007

After the summer . . . 
We are rested and recharging for the autumn.  The lights are sorted (see June 23), and Jakey had taken two guitars and a 4-track to Kernow, came back with some song ideas, which the band are currently making into new songs to perform and record.

Recording? Well, we have some tracks down, several more in the pipeline, and as yet, no release date.  There will be previews though...

Gigs? We will close September with a show at Portishead.  Exciting times, truth2tell have not played by the seaside before!  One show awaiting confirmation in Bristol (Soundwell), and a few irons in the fire that need restoking now that the holidays are over... we will let you all know.

JUNE 23rd 2007

An erm, *interesting* evening.....
What IS it with us and gigs?  We'd LOVE to have a hassle-free show one time.  Someone obviously doesn't want us to succeed...

Last night at Frampton we hade a MAD night.  
Our lights kept on burning out, and the forensics squad are investigating.
Steve was unavoidably absent due to extreme family matters
And to cap it all, Dave E was stranded with a dead car on the way home from Wales, and eventually turned up as Jakey was introducing the 4th song...

It was a blast though, great turnout, and the kids were so up for it! Well moshed, danced, conga'd, waved and sang, guys.  Between you and the guts and Conga, you rock our boots off :)
Can we borrow you for our other shows?

PS: Quote from CCM-on-BCFM's Nick:
"Rocking gig last night. 5, 4 or 3 members you still do a blessed, professional show!"

JUNE 2007

HOW long since we posted any news? Time to make amends..
It seems like forever since we trod any boards, but this month sees us in FRAMPTON COTTERELL, with a support act :)
"Until Tomorrow" are a band of regulars to the Zion United Church "Rock Solid" meets, and thy do look like fervent metallers...
Find them on MySpace...

First truth2tell radio interview due online
We were contacted (through MySpace...) by Nick, from the newly-on-air radio station BCFM, and he came to a rehearsal recently armed with a microphone and a recording device.  We talked about the band, its ministry, its music and generally talked.... and performed "Spirit in the Sky"  for him, and you.  At this time we cannot vouch for the sound quality (or even if it is usable!) but Nick's shows run at 9.00 pm on Sundays, both on your wireless (93.2fm) or online; there is also a podcast option, we are advised.

BCFM (Bristol Community FM) rose from what was Radio 19 - a station with good links to Emmaus (which is linked to us by Dave Perry, our resident Fiery Drum Dragon), and we are glad to be supporting this venture.


New directions, new tunes, new beginnings....
After the mighty noise that was a thunderously great gig in Congresbury in January, truth2tell are pushing hard for FESTIVAL shows (Spring Harvest, H3, Creation Fest and Greenbelt_07), as well as new local gigs for you all to bring your friends and neighbours to! Your prayers are always welcome, and also lobbying any of the festivals about truth2tell would be cool.  Just don't tell'em we said so...

We are also creating more new songs, and have started the looong task of committing them to hard disk, preparing for the new cd.  Or set of downloads...

We also premiered our new entrance music, which was a blast for us to walk on stage to, as well as building up the excitement in the audience at Congresbury!!!!  We will certainly use that again...
Did anyone (not within the truth2tell Inner Sanctum, obviously!) recognise where it came from?


We are gathering forces for the new year!  New original songs, new cover songs, new ideas for the stage show, and after Christmas the push for more gigs.

Hounslow was a great gig - great sound (blessings and thanx to Kevin of KH Sounds), great church to play in - but sparsely attended, and we do not understand why.  It'll be a spiritual rather than publicity issue, we pray for their churches, team and people.

Plus, of course, a nice break from everything for the time we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ :)


Our first CD "like iT is"
is moving nicely. selling nicely at our gigs and getting good reports and RADIO PLAY :)
We are looking into several aspects of making the disks available to you - we have a PayPal () account for secure online credit card transactions, and are finalising investigations into whether or not to trade on eBay (on a "Buy It Now" basis).
Another option, which has hit the doldrums, was secure online purchasing on this site, but the clue here is "doldrums"...

We get to rest up a while now, next show is on London in November, so time to take stock, look at our setlists and how to improve, get some new material worked out, start planning our next CD - which should be a much longer venture; we have some really good material already lined up - progrock, thrash, liltingly acoustic . . .

September 16th, 2006

We are expecting a VERY large delivery soon...our first CD, "like it is"
The tracks are as listed just below, cost is 6.00 each for a jewelcased cd package with full colour booklet and just shy of a very good half hour of top notch Christian music.  Not that we are in any way biased . . . .

SOUNDWELL will host the launch party next week - Saturday 23rd, tickets held at 5.00 each (3.00 concessions).
We will also have our T shirts available, which was not the case at our previous Soundwell show.

It will be a hot night, and we intend to showcase most, if not all, of the tracks on the CD, plus a few surprises.  Selah!

August 2006

LONG TIME NO UPDATE . . . Apologies
Our first CD should be ready for launch on SEPTEMBER 23RD at our SOUNDWELL event!!!
We will have much more detail soon, but we do know it'll be a five track CD, at a very reasonable price. 

Tracks are:

 - and it rocks!!!

Our Dates page has fuller details
but our late September LNDON gig has had to be postponed to a yet-to-be-agreed  November Saturday in its wake.  Again, more detials as soon as.

Keep abreast of truth2tell,s activities, become a MySpace Friend of the band!!  . . .

A quick JUNE 06 Update

Well, great moves within camp.  We have dates coming together for 
(CONFIRMED  - Sept 23rd). 

, (all confirmed except the date - August?)
(CONFIRMED - January 2007)....
LONDON!   More details as soon as we know.  

May 12th 2006
A new month, a new gig. Again, not enough, but we are blessed that we can play our music and move our ministry
A fantastic night was had at St Augustine's Church, Whitchurch. New friends made, faces recognised from other gigs, and the second set KICKED!!
Lisette Broadfoot did another polished sharing of the Christian Aid Act Justly appeal, and we will be told soon how much money was raised for Christian Aid.

We now know - 406.25 was raised on the night.  a tremendous effort by and from all concerned - well done!!!

April 21st 2006
We are finalising TWO tracks at this time - Eternity and All God's Children.  Finding the time to get the necessary bandmembers in the same place at the same time has been the primary hurdle (we are Christians, we don't have problems!), but all bar one bit of guitar is now down, ready for pruning and mixing.  This will help the band to get to be known and wanted by many more organisations than know us at present, so keep looking in, ready for the downloads....!

March 11th 2006

A new month, a new gig. A great evening, with thanx to St Nicholas Family Centre for inviting us to rock out at Yate. And equally great to see faces last seen at previous gigs!  Our music is getting tighter in many areas, Jakey even went without a music stand to hide behind for the first time in YEARS as a frontman!! And the ministry is really taking shape, which is a most important thing.
If you were there, tell us your thoughts on the new Forum, which at last is up and running.  Photos? Email 'em in, show'em off!  

New songs are still emerging on a regular basis, and the setlist will never be the same from gig to gig . . . 

February 25th 2006
Well, we have restarted the recording process with Eternity and All God's Children successfully (this time!!!) layering nicely.  Next will be Sing Now, which was going down VERY well at Congresbury.  As soon as we can rush a few seconds onto the site we will tell you, for sure!  

.....And the new truth2tell T-SHIRTS look good too :)

February 4th 2006

A little side-issue but it directly concerned 40% of the band.  Dave P, Steve and Jakey all worship at Soundwell, where today, there was a ROCK COMMUNION put together superbly by the vicar, Rev. Ian Wills.  At this time DP (drums), Jakey (mandolin - but dirty, overdriven RAWK mandolin)), Steve (guitars) and Ian (bass) are due to make up a scratch band playing about 30 minutes of red hot jigs and reels, to close the season of light at Candlemass Sunday.

Don't forget - two gigs looming - Yate (March and Whitchurch (May)!!

January 13th 2006

Totally blew Congresbury away! Fantastic gig - great support from St Andrews, great reaction from the moshpit; all ages from 7 to 70 were totally up for it.  More info and reaction forthcoming.

AND we have been invited back . . .  :)

December 29th 2005

Played a short and much improvised (ie Xmas tunes a'plenty!) set for Caring at Christmas - a Bristol charity giving shelter, food, warmth and love to those unfortunate to be homeless at this time.  We may have touched a few hearts...and a way to hear what needs to be polished for 2006.
Thanx to Mikey for sound on this one!!

OCTOBER 21st 2005
Our first gig WENT DOWN A STORM - despite technical hitches.
WE HAVE SOME PICTURES in the Gallery...

We have a bass player :) Ewan's left hand was becoming tired of doing the bass duties (Keane we certainly ain't!!) and we had been looking for a good Christian bassist.  Well, Dave Edwards, who has a good long Christian music pedigree, was coaxed by Ewan into trying us out, and we passed the audition....

We also have formalised the setlist for our first gig, which will be two sets interspersed by the Christian Aid presentation which will be dynamic, before and during which wine and fruit juices will be sold.  Then wt2t will take to the floor again and lead the dancing, singing and mayhem until the last encore has been forced through our parched and tortured throats.  Or not... :)

With God's blessings we will have a night to remember.

Late September 2005
We are back to square one with the demo.  No names, no pack drill, but suffice to say, some of us have had one heck of a journey up a near-vertical learning curve:)  Not a problem in the slightest, we are already on plan B.  Which is "start again from scratch".
Preparations for our inaugural show are coming on well, the setlist is down, and we are tweaking the songs, and getting VERY excited about life...

...and we are going to make wines and soft drinks available during a short interval, plus a short talk on a new venture that Christian Aid are putting together for the world.  Followed by another set of truth2tell in high-energy mode.  Oh yes :) 

September 2005

Three tracks down, apart from Dave's drums and Steve's guitar bits.  Final mixdown to come, then we will have some 20sec samples to download, plus a demo CD.  Amazing how that with one component missing, the overall sound is so missing something... 1 Corinthians chapter 12, anybody?
The recording process does not sleep, either - full album in the works :)

August 2005
Still working well on our ever-increasing list of songs, and this month sees us preparing some tracks for sale or download. Ewan is using the summer break well to record, mix and edit several of our original songs.

We also have a LAUNCH DATE -  OCTOBER 21st 2005, at St Stephens parish church, in Soundwell, Bristol.
Sticking to a good round figure - 5.00 (or 3.00 if you are too young, old or mean!)
When dates and promo materials are sorted, we will publicise it to the hilt. Selah :)

July 2005
The setlist is developing nicely, and some songs are SO ready to perform, it is a joy to be a part of such a sound (gush, gush...)
Graphics have been shortlisted, and it is beginning to feel like a real band! We all want this to be a success for us, for you, and for the Lord.
As the school holidays loom, we are preparing a plan of action to record a demo cd for promotion purposes, and are investigating a pre-launch live event in October '05.

May / June 2005
truth2tell are rehearsing quite like mad things to get an inaugural set together.
So far, several original songs and some covers are sort of in the bag.

Watch this space :)


- Bristol's BEST Christian rock band!

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