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bass guitar, ukulele


Nice young lad
Can vote
Bit of a slapper*
* Bit of a bass-playing joke :)

Dan refuses or forgets to tell us anything about him, so here goes...

Dan is an 18 year old  Christian.
He is also a Youth Leader at his church - Soundwell Baptist
Dan has played at Spring Harvest in the appropriately named
Spring Harvest Busking Band.
He plays bass guitar, trombone and ukulele. Not all at the same time.
It may be that we do not get to hear his trombone on stage.... :(
However, ukulele? Oh yes!
We do not mention the Drinking of the Apple...
...oops, just did!

All this and more may be seen on his various MySpace, Facebook etc pages.

Dan joined truth2tell as a result of Steve leaving, and Dave [Edwards] picking up his 6string.

Finally, Dan DID tell us that he Does Not Sing.

(Photo by his dad Sept 2008)

Equipment list:
A bass!
NO... TWO basses!
Some fx
Crate combi amp
Several ukes
More details to follow... when he stops adding to the list :)

- Bristol's BEST Christian rock band!

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