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guitars, mandolin, lead vocals, main songwriter

Photo by Mike Edwards.  Click me...

Musician, Guitar Teacher
Despiser of Personal Computers
Twinings Earl Grey tea-head

Jakey has performed solo in various bands all over the UK, Eire and Europe. Music has always ruled his life . . .

Violin from nearly 5 yrs old: up to grade VIII violin, grade VI music theory by mid-teens

Music A level (C grade) in only 2 terms from scratch - my crowning school achievement:)

Since late 70s self-taught on guitar, bass, mandolin, tin whistle, kazoo

1979 guitarist/singer with "Missing Link©", formed with best school buddy Dave Gentry.

 Guitarist/singer for off-centre Bible group Agape in early 80s.

With eternal thanx to Ian Wills, a founder-member, then leader, of Charisma (Bristol-based Christian band) from 1986ish until 2002

Guitarist/mandolinist/backing vox for Bluehorses 2003-05

Finally took the plunge + went full-time pro in 2003 as musician and guitar teacher - 20 years later then he should have done!!

2005: 2 projects;  truth2tell & working with Mick Kirton on an interesting and wonderful recording project

2006/7; another side project, with Mick and Pat Townsend ("Staccato Drums") to do with Rolling Stone Brian Jones

2008; after illness, and losing Steve and Ewan, looking to kick some life back into his music ministry...

...AND GETTING HIS HAIR SHAVED OFF for Children in Need...

Count your pennies, he will be after your pledges :)

(Photo by Dan Instone's dad Sept 2008)

Fender USA fat Strat, Teal green 22fret.
Ibanez RG530 Custom, blue, 3 monster pickups, a 24 fret widdly machine!
Yamaha Pacifica 112m, Ivory with mapleneck fretboard.
Ovation 12-string Custom Balladeer
Fender F52 semi-acoustic mandolin
Epiphone Mandobird...omigod a SPANGLY GOLD solidbody mandolin :)
Boss GT8 Modeller
Snarling Dogs wah pedal (although it isn't really used...)
Boss DD2 digital delay (although...)
A/B switch, to share signal between mando and strat
Marshall Valvestate 80w combo
AKG GT40 wireless system - 100% cable-free :)

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- Bristol's BEST Christian rock band!

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