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bass guitars, backing vocals

Soundwell, 2006

As unflappable as a Dave can get
(We have two unflappable Daves...)

 A loooooong time ago :)

A guitarist since a kid, Dave's band career got off to a solid start in the late 70's with two years in the Rock'n Roll scene 
playing bass guitar with Bristol band TRANSFORMER.

Found what the Jesus thing was really all about, after completely missing the point for 18 years, and musical doors opened…

Played Bass throughout the UK for the London based, subtly evangelical, multi talented FISH CO 
at many a Uni CU, the odd radio show and mainstage at Greenbelt

Another spell on bass for a couple of years with UK touring evangelical band AMAZIAH capped a 
busy early musical career before the demands of professional exams finals swept all aside.

In the 90's, acoustic & electric guitar spells followed in a couple of local Bristol bands as did 6 months playing the Folk circuits 
in dear old Wigan & Liverpool whilst working in the area.

Pleased to have been rescued from musical retirement (bar the weekly appearances at Tyndale Baptist Church) to join truth2tell:
hopefully the myth that accountants and golfers are all boring is finally laid to rest :)

2008 finds him putting down the bass, after the demise of Steve, and picking up his 6 strings....wonderfully.

(Photo by Dan Instone's dad Sept 2008)

Temporary gear list:
Fender '72 Deluxe Telecaster
Fender Reverb amp
trying out several fx units
Latest squeeze is a Zoom 9.2TT
Oh, and he also uses a proper vintage CSL Les Paul. According to the photo...

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- Bristol's BEST Christian rock band!

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