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drums, percussion

Our Fiery Drum Dragon
NOT a singing drummer
THE most unflappable man alive

Photo by Mike Edwards.  Click me...

Dave started hitting things with sticks from as young as he can
remember - first drum was the top of his Meccano box played with 2 lengths of Meccano:)

First band was "Arthur's Garden" formed with friends while at Kingsfield School, Bristol UK. The band left school eventually and spent some time living in a flat together and trying to find gigs. Played in various Christian events in and around the Bristol area.

Later, joined a band based at Bristol University called "Solar Flight". Gigged at Uni halls.

Session drummer for ceilidh bands in the Bristol area.

Helped form "Alpha", St Stephen, Soundwell's worship band.

Joined "Charisma" to replace a retiring drum machine and gigged at various church and youth thingies. Dave's words :)

Continues to play regularly in services at St. Stephen's Church, Soundwell.

And now proud to be a part of truth2tell.

(Photo by Dan Instone's dad Sept 2008)

Roland TD6 electric drum kit with added PD80R mesh snare & double kick (oooh!!)
put to good use!

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- Bristol's BEST Christian rock band!

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